Leather care by FAMACO


Leather care

Regular and thorough leather care will help to protect, preserve and increase the beauty appearance of the material. High-quality leather can last several generations. Patina and signs of usage will only enhance beauty and character of each piece. Proper leather care will always requires the best equipment.

A basic offering of excellent leather care can be found here. 

Hints, tricks and instructions for professional care can also be found on this page and we are happy to provide further information upon request.One of the main success factors in good leather care regularity.A little time and effort to treat your most important leather goods will add many years. The good news – good leather ages well and time will on your side. It is important that the leather never gets too dry and dull. To prevent this from happening a little bit of saddle soap, emulsions and wax go a long way.

We offer FAMACO products, which we consider some of the best leather care products available.

A detailed guide to your personal leather care can be found here: Leather Care Instructions