Der Gürtel & seine Geschicht


Almost as old as mankind itself

In the early stone age belts already became an important status symbol.

In the Scandinavian mythology Thor’s Megingiard belt was the source of all of his power.
Later in the bronze age the belt guild developed new forms and technologies to manufacture belts.

The buckle as we know it today, was developed by the Romans. Back then, belts were not only for carrying sword or dagger, they used to be a symbol of power. In those days Persian nobility considered the belt a symbol to serve the royal court.

Early christian monks then decided to wear only a rope instead of a belt as a sign of modesty. For many years the symbolism and the meaning of the belt was in decline, because fashion banned the belt and it was hardly seen anymore.

Later in history the belt experiences a strong comeback.The cowboys in the 19th century couldn’t have drawn their colts without an omni present cowboy belt.

In today’s world the belt is a symbol of individuality, style and independence.